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The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

A rational but pragmatic prophecy, deduced from extrapolated data of a previous couple of decades, and how it has affected humankind. The facts with statistical significance make us realize what they are about. It gives us a glimpse of the future, and surprisingly it is not horrifying but much more knowledgeable and integrated.

It hard to find the points where you can disagree with Kevin Kelly, however, I do think he exaggerated somewhere for instance use of AI in chemistry or medicine. It will definitely improve the field but it won’t revolutionize them. The reason is that we don’t have enough data in these fields available so far. As my year of birth is 1991 and I am from a remote area of a developing country, I have seen the transition of landline and bulky phones to the smartphone, from animal’s carts to automobile driven carts, from hand woven clothes to polyester clothes, from bikes to motorbikes. You might think that I am maybe talking of the 1920s, however, this is not the case. The luxuries and necessities became cheaply available to the very grassroots’ level people due to this transition.

Necessity is the mother of invention. It is always difficult to adopt new technologies, but trend makes us do that. However, it is still not easy. My father still does not want to use a smartphone; he is OK with buttons.

Will it really revolutionize everything in no time. I think the saturation is already achieved. Only the computing power revolution, which is possible only once we get quantum computing, will make the next change. The rest will remain more a less same. Only cameras' numbers will change, screen size will change, or the position of the front camera, and we will be sold things.

How to look into my country from this book’s perspective? The progress in my country regarding that is super slow on the state level. I hardly can name anything for instance use of drones, or phones, or other cyber laws. The situation is not very promising. However, individual-level progress is remarkable, for instance, freelancing. Our youth is really into this field and among the contributors. I am working on machine learning-based design for materials science. This field is infancy yet, however, once we can gather some data, this field will soar.

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